George David, recently returned to the US from the 2015 Fastnet Race, has confirmed his interest in entering his new yacht Rambler 88, one of the yachting world’s newest and most sophisticated racing machines, in the 2016 Round Ireland Yacht Race. George has stated that the Round Ireland has been a priority race for his yacht and crew since 2011.

It was his experience in the 2011 Fastnet, when Rambler 100 capsized close to the Fastnet Rock after its keel snapped off, that has prompted George David to announce his wish to enter the premier biennial race of the Irish offshore racing calendar. The efforts of the Irish rescue services in locating and bringing to safety George and several of his crew after three hours in the water, is a matter which raised his interest in finding a suitable offshore event for a return to the country for which he has enormous regard and appreciation.

In a written comment to the organising committee of the Round Ireland George has stated that his yacht will be in Europe next year and the present schedule of events in the Rambler programme includes competing in the RIYR.

Wicklow Sailing Club is delighted that Rambler 88 is an intended participant in the race, which the club organises in association with the Royal Ocean Racing Club and Royal Irish Yacht Club. The 2016 race will be the 19th race of the series, with the first race having been organised by WSC in 1980. It starts on 18th June 2016.

Rambler 88 is George David’s 3rd Rambler, after Ramblers 90 and 100. Given appropriate weather conditions, Rambler 88, with its state of the art carbon fibre hull and rig, would be a strong contender to break the Round Ireland Race record of 2 days 17 hours 48 minutes 47 seconds which is held by Mike Slade in ICAP Leopard 3 achieved in 2008.