What some previous competitors have had to say

Thank you for hosting a great race around Ireland. Tough sailing but memorable and far more exciting than doing another Fastnet.

Chris Brown, Fidessa-fastwave                 

May I congratulate you on a wonderful race that enjoyed unprecedented interest at every level. Aboard 02 team Spirit we had a wonderful race, enjoyed immensely by all . . . for our team the whole project was a superb experience and so rewarding in a variety of ways.

David Nixon, Skipper, O2 team Spirit

My first experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing that struck me the most was the warmth of everybody we met, regardless of the time of day or night. It was really refreshing in this age, the genuine warmth and friendship of everybody. This is a very unique event, obviously nurtured over the years.

Stephen McCarthy, Nadie

What did you do right? Almost everything except the wind. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

Laurent Guoy, Inis Mor

Yacht tracker was excellent. Race management was top class. Very good media coverage. Bar very good at the finish!

Aodhan Fitgerald, Ireland’s West

Thank you, Jacky and all the team in the race office for such a well organised event. . . unfortunately the wind was not quite what we would have wanted. . . you all did a great job for the race, the club and your sponsors. Congratulations.

Emma Moloney, Creative Play

As always, very well organised. Some things you could improve such as a north-easterly F5 to Fastnet, then veering westerly for the rest of the way – and no calms!

Neil Eatough, Lancastrian

Well done on a very successful race, I hope you all feel the same. You deserve to.

Heather and Don Kennedy

First class organisation as ever. Thank you, everyone!


The race was a great adventure for me and I am certain for my fellow hand Donald Wilks as well. It will be a difficult act to follow and the weather made the Fastnet Race look like a walk in the park (I have done it four times) in comparison.

Thunder 2

…a varied, exciting, challenging and elementally beautiful race.

Richard Clubb, Darramy

As vice commodore of our own club I fully appreciate the huge voluntary effort required from club members to pull off a successful event. We thoroughly enjoyed the race though as a double handed crew we would have liked less gales How many did they manage to fit in to four days?

We have done the race 5 times now and still are of the opinion it is “The Race”

By the way the tracking website was brilliant. Friends of ours who never stepped on a boat followed the fleet and our progress , often through the night. I was wondering why everyone looked so tired when we came home.

Alice Kingston, Kinsale Yacht Club

…a tougher and better race than the Bermudan Race.

Tony Hume and John Donnelly, Janey Mac

…a feeling of regret that this was the end of what was a great adventure …a most enjoyable and entertaining trip.

Alan Murray, Joliba