IRC Overall

YachtIRCElapsed TimeCorrected TimeIRC Overall RankingIRC Class
Rambler1.8272d 2h 24m 9s3d 20h 5m 7s1CK
Teasing Machine1.1693d 19h 2m 54s4d 10h 26m 8s21
Lisa1.1014d 10h 38m 31s4d 21h 24m 46s31
Katsu1.2413d 23h 0m 0s4d 21h 53m 42s41
Euro Car Parks1.0164d 22h 55m 27s5d 0h 49m 37s53
Roaring Forty21.2883d 22h 43m 45s5d 2h 0m 40s60
Groupe 50.9955d 3h 50m 15s5d 3h 13m 6s74
Rockabill VI1.0464d 22h 5m 40s5d 3h 31m 36s83
Bam1.0365d 1h 0m 15s5d 5h 21m 37s93
Lynx1.0445d 0h 42m 42s5d 6h 1m 23 s103
Just Plain Krazy1.0085d 5h 15m 38s5d 6h 15m 46s113
Bellino1.0395d 1h 46m 6s5d 6h 25m 51s123
Cavatina0.9285d 16h 36m 11s5d 6h 46m 3s134
Mojito1.015d 5h 55m 2s5d 7h 10m 35s143
Sarabande1.0515d 1h 34m 15s5d 7h 46m 15s152
Team Fujitsu1.0934d 21h 44m 51s5d 8h 41m 53s162
Lambay Rules0.9715d 12h 47m 34s5d 8h 56m 39s174
Aurelia1.0775d 0h 13m 4s5d 9h 28m 28s182
Persistance0.9785d 15h 55m 38s5d 12h 56m 13s194
Adelie0.9875d 15h 18m 2s5d 13h 32m 30s204
Wild Spirit0.9815d 16h 14m 36s5d 13h 39m 17s214
IOR Desert Star0.9735d 17h 38m 2s5d 13h 55m 4s224
Lula Belle0.9925d 15h 24m 36s5d 14h 19m 48s234
Arthur Logic1.075d 6h 41m 19s5d 15h 33m 25s242
Arcsine1.0095d 15h 39m 17s5d 16h 43m 27s253
J Taime1.0115d 15h 24m 13s5 16h 53m 35s263
Ajax1.0095d 16h 3m 23s5d 17h 16m 51s273
Pegasus of Norhumberland1.5013d 19h 53m 6s5d 17h 55m 28CK
Pipedreamer VI1.0165d 16h 11m 40s5d 18h 21m 24s293
Palpatine1.0985d 6h 11m 25s5d 18h 33m 25s301
Polished Manx1.0295d 15h 43m 26s5d 19h 39m 36s313
Albireo0.9396d 4h 49m 59s5d 19h 45m 16s324
Spailpin0.9516d 4h 13m 3 s5d 20h 57m 17s334
Crackajack1.0485d 14h 51m 47s5d 21h 20m 11s343
Pyxis0.9566d 4h 4m 9s5d 21h 33m 15s354
Fortissimo1.2575d 0h 43m 55s6d 7h 45m 36s361
Change of Course1.0316d 9h 53m 21s6d 14h 39m 35s373
Quid non?1.005Retired4
Port of Galway0.952Retired4
Medicare First Aid1.096Retired2
May Contain Nuts0.995Retired4
Fulmar Fever0.879Retired4
Desperado of Cowes1.112Retired1
Big Deal0.922Retired4
Applegreen Sail for Kids0.947Retired4
Wakey Wakey1.015DNS
Dear Prudence1.004DNS

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Class 40

NameElapsed TimePosition
Roaring Forty23d 22h 43m 45s1
Colombre XL3d 23h 29m 37s2
Concise 24d 1h 45m 59s3
Fuji4d 23h 43m 40s4
Fortissimo5d 0h 43m 55s5
Concise 8 Retired

Cruiser Class

NameTCCElapsed TimeCorrected TimePosition
Cavatina0.9285d 16h 36m 11s5d 6h 46m 3s1
Sarabande1.0515d 1h 34m 15s5d 7h 46m 15s2
Fulmar Fever0.879Retired
Applegreen Sail for kids0.947Retired