As part of Volvo’s sponsorship of the Round Ireland Yacht Race we are rewarding the registered entrant who accumulates the best overall points result across the three Volvo Round Ireland races 2016, 2018 and 2022, with a brand new Volvo V40 – now that’s an incentive!

If an entrant fails to finish a race then the score for that race will be number of finishers + 1.

If an entrant misses a race then the score for that race will be number of starters + 1.

In the event of a tie the results in the 2022 race will be used to decide the winner.

Skipper2018 Boat2018 Place2016 Boat2016 PlaceTotal
Michael BoydJedi13Lisa316
Ian HickeyCavatina6Cavatina1319
Rob CraigieBellino7Bellino1219
Paul O'HigginsRockabill VI11Rockabill VI819
Chris Power SmithAurelia3Aurelia1821
Donall RyanTeam Fujitsu5Team Fujitsu1621
Stephen QuinnLambay Rules10Lambay Rules1727
Ronan O'SiochruDesert Star Irish Offshore Sailing9Desert Star Irish Offshore Sailing2231
Derek DillonBig Deal4Big Deal3842
Kirsteen DonaldsonPyxis15Pyxis3550
George David49Rambler150
Eric De Turkheim49Teasing Machine251
Niall DowlingBaraka Gp15152
Barry ByrneJoker II25153
Alan Hannon49Katsu453
David Cullen49Euro Car Parks554
Michel Kleinjans49Roaring Forty2655
Patrice Carpentier49Groupe 5756
Conor Fogerty49Bam958
Nicolas PasternakJaasap85159
Kenneth Rumball49Lynx1059
Ian Knight49Just Plain Krazy1160
Lindsay J CaseyWindjammer125163
Paul JacksonWild Spirit42Wild Spirit2163
Peter Dunlop49Mojito1463
Rob Mably49Sarabande1564
Paul EganPlatinum Blonde145165
Daniel SmithSherkin 2165167
Richard StainLaura175168
Jerry Collins49Persistance1968
Roger SmithWakey Wakey185169
Peter Hall49Adelie2069
Jean-Francois NouelHakuna Matata195170
Richard PalmerJangada205171
Richard LoftusDesperado Of Cowes33Desperado of Cowes3871
Nick MartinDiablo215172
Liam Coyne49Lula Belle2372
Rupert BarryRed Alert225173
Oliver Heer49Arthur Logic2473
Cian McCarthyEos235174
Kathy Claydon49Arcsine2574
Arto LinnervuoXtra Staerk245175
Robert MarchantFulmar Fever37Fulmar Fever3875
Christopher Palmer49J Taime2675
Paul KavanaghPomeroy Swan255176
Keith MillerAndante38Andante3876
Paul Macro49Ajax2776
John LubimirPatriot265177
Ross Hobson49Pegasus of Northumberland2877
Brendan CoghlanYoyo275178
Paul Sutton49Pipedreamer VI2978
Jonathan TyrrellArthur Logic285179
Richard Thisby49Palpatine3079
David O'ConnorLynx Clipper295180
Kuba Szymanski49Polished Manx3180
Susan GlennyOlympia's Tigress305181
David A Simpson49Albireo3281
Edward BroadwayHooligan VII315182
Louis Mulloy49Spailpin3382
Tony MartinForward Thinking325183
Philip Quinn49Crackajack3483
Alexander SmithPetasus345185
James Close49Fortissimo3685
Germaine WilliamsEscapado355186
Keith Gibbs49Change of Course3786
Robert RendellSamatom365187
Alain Poncelet49Denebola3887
Ben Korner49Masai3887
Joe Conway49Medicare First Aid3887
Kevin Rolfe49May Contain Nuts3887
Martin Breen49Port of Galway3887
Nigel Philpott49Quid non?3887
Robert Floate49Tanit3887
Simon Costain49Xanadu3887
Stephen Mullaney49Applegreen Sail for Kids3887
Jean-francois LevasseurLibertalia - Team Jolokia395190
Edward Paul HampsonMojo405191
Darryl HughesMaybird415192
Glyn SheffieldEspresso Martini Too425193
James HemingwayRiff Raff425193
Johnny RitchieMingulay425193
Mark EmersonPhosphorus II425193
Matthew PlumridgeAjax425193
Tim KaneWow425193

*The winning registered entrant will receive a Volvo V40 Momentum or equivalent model depending on the range at time of winner announcement. No additional options are included. Model shown in promotional material is for illustrative purposes only. Colour depends on stock availability. There is no cash or alternative for the prize which if not accepted on the terms and conditions herein contained shall be deemed withdrawn. Road Tax, Insurance and all ongoing ownership costs are the full responsibility of the winner of the promotion.

*Terms and Conditions apply