In response to the number of yachts who have entered the Volvo Round Ireland and who  qualify for Class 40 association racing the Organising Committee of the Volvo Round Ireland Yacht Race, in accordance with clause 6.7 of the Notice of Race, have decided to introduce a separate class for the Class 40 yachts.

 Accordingly entrants, subject to submission of current certificate of Class 40 association registration, are invited to race in the new class 40 category as well as in the IRC classes.

  •  The rules for the proposed Class 40 category are amended to EXCLUDE  ”STACKING”  which otherwise would be allowed under class 40 association regulations.
  •  Subject to acceptance of the above provisions existing entrants of class 40 boats are invited to join the Class 40 category with no additional payment.
  •  Yachts already registered under IRC may race under IRC and Class 40 categories.
  •  Yachts may enter exclusively for the Class 40 category without partaking under IRC classes subject to the provisions set out above.
  •  Qualifying yachts may race exclusively under their IRC class only.
  •  Late entrants may apply for entry to either or both classes.

We regret the short notice of this additional class but a number of Class 40 yachts requested that we review the class entrants and arising from this it is regarded as reasonable to establish a Class 40 category, modified to permit yachts to race in two classes.

Class 40 boats who have not already entered and who wish to enter may do so HERE