Sailing Instructions

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Volvo Round Ireland Race 2016 Sailing Instructions (as at 16th June, 2016)

A downloadable pdf of these sailing instructions is available here


  • B. 00353 85 236 4150 is the DEDICATED RACE CONTROL PHONE – FOR RACING YACHTS ONLY – to contact and report to the RACE CONTROL OFFICE. (Active from 15/06/2016) This number is to be used by the racing fleet for all reporting while at sea.
  • C. General public telephone number to contact the Race Administration Office is 00353 85 236 3804 (Active from 07/06/2016). This number is for general enquiries and access to the Race Administration Office and should NOT be used for reporting from sea.
  • D. The Race Office (RO) shall be located at South Quay, Wicklow.
  • E. The attention of every competitor is drawn to RRS 1.2 and the element stating “each competitor is individually responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions.”
  • F. The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone. (RRS Fundamental Rule 4)
  • G. English shall be the official language used throughout the race.
  • H. High Water Wicklow 18th June 2016 11.03 (Local)
  • I. The Volvo Round Ireland Race office administration will be transferred to Race Office, Wicklow Sailing Club, South Quay, Wicklow Town on 16th June 2016. Phone – 00353 85 236 3804



Date of First Issue 06-06-2016

(07-06-2016 Corrections shown with strikethrough)

AMENDED 16-6-2016

See Amendment No 1 – of 16-06-2016

Course 14 – Add 14-(b) Areas that are Obstructions

21 PENALTIES AND PROTESTS ) b) Standard Penalties

14 Course – Position Clarification (a)

AMENDED 17-6-2016 See Amendment No 2 – of 17-06-2016
14 Course – Position Clarification (a)

1    RULES

  • a) The Volvo Round Ireland Yacht Race (VRIYR) is organised by Wicklow Sailing Club (WSC) with the support of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) in association with the Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC).
  • b) The Organising Authority (OA) referred to in these Sailing Instructions is Wicklow Sailing Club (WSC) and is administered by the Race Committee (RC). The  VRIYR will be governed by the following rules, except as may they be changed by these Sailing Instructions:
    • I.   The Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
    • II. RRS part 2 rules will be replaced with the right-of-way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) between local sunset sunrise; or government right-of-way rules if applicable.
    • III. The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) 2016 – 2017 for Category 2 Races
    • IV. IRC Rule 2016, parts A, B and C
    • V. The rules and regulations for Class 40 for which there is an eligible boat entered to that class in the race subject to an exclusion of the Class 40 rule, 2016 Edition of 16/02/2016 exempting class from compliance with Rule 51(Movable Ballast) of the RRS.
    • VI. MOCRA Rating Rule 2016
    • VII. The Notice of Race (NoR) and any amendments thereto.
    • VIII.The Sailing Instructions (SI) issued by the Organising Authority and any amendments thereto.

Note: Succeeding items in the above list shall take precedence.


    • a) A yacht or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the Rules and Sailing Instructions
    • b) Boats shall assemble and be available for inspection at Wicklow Sailing Club or Dun Laoghaire Marina not later than 1000 hours on Thursday, 16th June 2016.
    • c) Inspection of boats may take place at the discretion of the Race Committee.
    • d) The primary Race office in the Wicklow Sailing Club and the subsidiary office in the Royal Irish Yacht Club will be open for registration between10:00 and 17:00 hours on Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th and from 10:00 to 16:00 hours on Friday 17th.
    • e) The secondary Race Office at the RIYC will close at midday on 18th June 2016.


    • a) RRS 55 (Trash Disposal) is deleted. However competitors are reminded that the dumping of rubbish at sea is prohibited by law.
    • b) Attention is also drawn to the World Sailing Code of Environmentally Friendly Behaviour.


    • The Official Notice Board is located at Wicklow Sailing Club.
    • A secondary general information board will be located in the Royal Irish Yacht Club.
    • Notices may also be displayed on the VRIYR website.


    • a) All competitors will be provided with official VOLVO decals and backstay flags.  The decals must be displayed for the duration of the race on either side of the hull in the forward 20% area unless otherwise agreed in advance with the OA. Every effort shall be made to retain them on the bows
    • b) Class and backstay flags should generally be flown at least 1.5m above the deck.


    • a) All boats shall have their AIS transponder switched on, transmitting and receiving from 1000 on
      Saturday 18th June and throughout the race.
    • b) A boat’s AIS transponder shall be programmed with the boat’s MMSI number and current
      racing name.
    • c) Nothing shall be done to inhibit AIS transmissions.
    • d) Yachts unable to meet these requirements shall submit comprehensive details of the reason on
      their Declaration Form and may be subject to protest. The penalty for breaking this rule is at
      the discretion of the Protest Committee and may include disqualification.


    • a) It is mandatory for all yachts to carry a YB Tracker unit for the race. The tracking can be viewed
      on the VRIYR website:
    • b) All yachts will be required, at the time of registration, to sign an indemnity bond in respect of the
      safe return of the tracker unit.
    • c) Nothing shall be done to inhibit YB Tracker transmissions.

Class Bands / Flags are as follows:

ClassTCCClass Flag
IRC CK0.50 and greaterCode Flag A
IRC Z1.276 and greaterPennant 0
IRC 11.275 - 1.101Pennant 1
IRC 21.100 - 1.051Pennant 2
IRC 31.050 - 1.007Pennant 3
IRC 41.006 - 0.850Pennant 4
Class 5Cruisers H/F7.5 or lessPennant 5
Class 6Two handed classPennant 6
MultihullPennant 7
Class 40Class Insignia


    • a) Between the time of 0900 and before starting on 18th June, each boat shall send an SMS (text)
      message to: 00353 85 236 4150
    • b) The SMS (text) message shall contain the boat name, sail number and the number of persons
      on board.
    • c) If the number of persons on board is less than that declared on the Sailgate Entry System then
      the full name(s) of the persons not on board shall also be included in the SMS message.
    • d) A boat shall not sail with a crew member whose Emergency Contact details have not been
      lodged with the Sailgate Entry System before the start of the race.

NOTE: Boats which do not correctly SMS (text) crew numbers and any person(s) not on board are
liable to disqualification.


    • a) The Race Committee (Callsign “VOLVO RACE OFFICE”) may broadcast information on VHF Ch72,
      at the start and finish of the race. Yachts are strongly recommended to listen to the Race
      Committee until clear of Wicklow Head and when approaching the finish.
    • b) A yacht may, without infringing RRS41 (Outside Help), request and receive repetition of
      information broadcast by the Race Committee or enquire whether or not a broadcast has been
      made. VHF Ch72 is the designated calling channel when contacting the Race Committee “Volvo
      Race Office”.
    • c) Yachts are reminded of their legal obligation to keep a continuous watch on VHF Ch16
      throughout the race.
    • d) Inter-yacht communication calls should when possible be on DSC or VHF Ch16 as a calling
      Channel and VHF Ch72 as a working Channel.
    • e) Yachts with communications in addition to VHF should act as a link, taking other yachts’ reports
      on VHF and passing them to the Race Committee or Coastguard.

11 STARTING SIGNALS – Amendment to RRS26

    • a) Starting Signals will be made from the Committee Boat.
    • b) The Race Committee will make starting signals unless in their opinion it is manifestly unsafe for
      any of the yachts entered to remain in the vicinity of the starting line.
    • c) Each yacht shall exercise her responsibility under RRS Fundamental Rule 4 and decide whether
      or not to start or to continue to race.
    • d) The first warning signal will be made at 1250 hours on Saturday 18th June 2016.
    • e) The race will be started by RRS26, with the Warning Signal made 10 minutes before the starting
      signal. (10, 4, 1, 0, sequence)
    • f) All MONOHULL Classes will start together, using Flag E as the single Class Flag
    • g) It is intended that the starting signal for the Monohulls shall also be the warning signal for the
    • h) All Multihull classes shall start together using Pennant 7 as the single Class flag.


    • a) The Starting Line will be between the Lighthouse at the end of the East Pier at Wicklow Harbour
      and the main mast/ flagstaff of the Committee Boat, positioned approximately 700 meters,
      bearing 60 degrees (true) from the Lighthouse.
    • b) The Committee Boat will be a vessel or boat identified by a Wicklow Sailing Club Burgee
      displayed from its main flagstaff.
    • c) An Orange coloured Inner Limit Mark will be laid approximately 100 metres from the
      Lighthouse end of the East Pier. This limit buoy, which may not be on the start line, shall be
      passed leaving it to starboard.
    • d) An Orange coloured Outer Limit Mark which may not be on the start line, located approx.15
      meters from the Committee Boat may also be laid. Yachts must not sail between this limit mark
      and the committee vessel.
    • e) Boats shall start by crossing the Starting Line from North to South.


    • a) If possible, the details of boats infringing RRS 29 will be broadcast on VHF Channel 72.


    • a) AROUND IRELAND, leaving all its islands (excluding Rockall) and rocks showing permanently
      above high water and the marks listed hereunder, to starboard.
    • Start > Wicklow Head > Tuskar Rock > Barrells Light Buoy > Coningbeg Light Buoy
      > Old Head of Kinsale > Fastnet Rock > Mizen Head > Gull Rock (Off Bull Island) >
      Washerwoman Rock (Off Great Skellig) > Great Foze Rock > Black Rock > Eagle Island >
      Tory Island > Tor Rocks (Off Inishtrahull) > Rathlin Island > Highway Rock > Mew Island >
      Burial Island > South Rock Light Buoy > Lambay Island > East Pier, Wicklow

15 Position Reporting

    • a) Every yacht shall try to deliver position reports to the RO at WSC, giving the time of crossing the abeam positions at the following places:
      • Phone Reports from:- If Tracker fails report to:-
      • Due South of Fastnet Rock Lighthouse – Bantry Radio
      • Due West of Eagle Island Lighthouse – Belmullet Radio
      • Due North of Inishtrahull Lighthouse – Malin Head Radio
    • b) The crossing time may be submitted by text to the dedicated telephone number for reporting to the RO at 00353 85 236 4150 or by email to
    • c) If a boat is unable to make its report at the time of passing a location, it should record its time of crossing and make a report as soon as possible thereafter.
    • d) All submissions should specify yacht name and sail number followed by message information giving date in ddmmyy format and time in 24 hour clock reading.
    • e) In the event of a tracker failure, or for other control reasons, a yacht may be requested by the Race Office to report their current position by SMS or email as detailed above or to nearest coastguard station.


    • a) Each boat is requested to advise the RO of its approach to the Finishing Line no later than half an hour before estimated finish time. The RO will monitor on VHF Channels 72 and 37(M).
    • b) The Finishing Line will be between the Lighthouse on the East Pier at Wicklow and a Finishing Mark (Orange cone with horizontal Black band) positioned approximately 300 metres from the Lighthouse on a bearing of 60 degrees (true) from the Lighthouse.
    • c) The Finishing Line shall be crossed from North to South.
    • d) The Finishing Mark, laid approx. 300 meters from the East Pier will display a flashing orange light flashing a repetitive sequence of 5 quick flashed during the hours of darkness and should not be confused with an outfall buoy situated approximately 1390 meters from the Lighthouse and showing four quick flashes, yellow, every 10 seconds.
    • e) A boat, which finishes during the hours of darkness, shall illuminate her sail number with a light of adequate power to clearly identify numbers and also advise the RO on the radio this information.
    • f) The skipper of each boat shall record the date and time of finishing in local time together with the names of the yachts ahead and astern, if any, and lodge it with the RO within six hours of crossing the finishing line. The official finishing time of any boat shall be that recorded by the Race Committee.
    • g) Boats should await instructions from Wicklow Sailing Club before berthing after the race.
    • h) With the exception of sub article (c) above non-compliance with this clause will not be grounds for protest by a boat.


    • a) There is no time limit for the race.


    • a) After finishing, yachts shall complete and submit a Declaration Form to the Race Committee to the Race Office at WSC, within SIX hours. Every member of the crew shall sign the Declaration Form. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the yacht being excluded from the results.
    • b) When a yacht retires from the race she shall write the reasons on her Declaration Form.
    • c) When, after a race, a yacht cannot promptly deliver the Declaration Form, she shall without delay telephone the Race Committee to confirm that she has finished racing and give her time of finishing in BST and submit the signed declaration form to the Race Office at WSC within 6 hours of finishing.
    • d) In the event of a yacht not entering Wicklow after finishing, or retiring, the completed Declaration Form may be delivered, within 6 hours, by hand to the Race Office at WSC or scanned and emailed to
    • e) Trackers must be returned at the earliest possible time subsequent to finishing / retiring.


    • a) A boat retiring from the race or a non-starter shall notify the RO as soon as possible.


    • a) Protests, on the protest form downloadable from Website or available from RO, shall be lodged with the Race Office within SIX hours of the finish of the protesting boat. The notification of a protest by the race or protest committee against a competitor as required under RRS 61.1 (b) (c) shall consist of a notice on the official notice board.
    • b) Standard Penalties:
      • I. When at a boat’s starting signal she is subject to RRS 29.1 Individual Recall and she fails to comply with RRS 29.1 to start correctly, the Race Committee shall, without a hearing, apply a time penalty of 20%. This changes RRS63.1 and A5.
      • II. For a minor or unavoidable breaches of RRS 28 (Sailing the Course) where no advantage has been gained, the Race Committee shall, without a hearing, apply a standard time penalty of 20%. This changes RRS 63.1 and A5.
      • III. When the right-of-way rules of IRPCAS apply (between the hours of sunset and sunrise) a scoring penalty applies (RRS 44.3).The scoring penalty will be 10 minutes added to the boat’s corrected time for each penalty. When a scoring penalty does not apply, a yacht may take a Two Turns Penalty for breaking a rule of RRS Part 2 or a One Turn Penalty when she may have broken RRS 31, as described in RRS 44.2.”
      • IV. For any other breach the penalty shall be to retire.
    • c) Should the Race Committee consider a standard penalty to be inappropriate, or that a boat has broken a rule other than RRS Part 1 and 2 it may protest that boat.
    • d) Where the protest committee decides that a boat that is a party to a protest hearing has broken a rule other than RRS Part 1 and 2 and that no serious damage or injury was caused and no significant advantage has been gained, it may apply a time penalty of 30%. Should the Protest Committee decide that the breach was minor and unintentional it may at its discretion apply a time penalty of up to 30%.
    • e) Breaches of Sailing Instruction 5, 9, 10, 16 and 19 will not be grounds for protest by a boat. This changes RRS 60.1a.


    • a) The IRC Category shall be scored on corrected time by IRC TCC.
    • b) The Multihull Category shall be scored on corrected time using the MOCRA TCC.
    • c) Class 40 shall be scored in accordance with finishing positions.


    • a) The interpretation of the terms of award for all trophies and prizes will be made by the Race Committee, whose decision is final.
    • b) WSC holds the winners of trophies responsible for all damage or loss and strongly recommends that winners take out adequate insurance. Winners are responsible for having the trophy suitably engraved, and are also liable for all return carriage costs. If a trophy is returned without engraving WSC reserves the right to charge the cost of the engraving to the winner. Trophies shall be returned to WSC when requested by WSC.
    • c) When no boat qualifies to win a particular trophy the Race Committee may, at its discretion, award it otherwise.
    • d) Main trophy presentation will take place at Wicklow Sailing club at 1800 on Friday 24th June and include the presentation of RORC medallions.
    • e) Where a winning yacht has not completed the race in advance of the trophy presentation ceremony the trophy shall be presented at the earliest time after the arrival in Wicklow of the yacht / crew.

The following TROPHIES with accompanying prizes will be presented:

IRC Class CK - Cork Dry Gin CupClass 40 - TBC
IRC Class Z - Class Z CUPLadies’ Award - Mizen Head Trophy
IRC Class 1 – Tusker CupICRA Award – ICRA Trophy
IRC Class 2 – Fastnet CupTeam Award - Kinsale YC Trophy
IRC Class 3 – Skelligs CupISORA Award - Larry Ryan Woodcut
IRC Class 4 – Tory Island CupBest Overseas IRC –WSC Plate
Class 5 Cruisers - Michael Jones PlaqueBest Sailing School – SE Sailing School
Class 6 2 Handed - Noonan PlaqueLine Honours Multihull –Volvo Trophy
Multihull 50 ft+ - Dubarry Trophy Line Honours Monohull – Denis Doyle Cup
Multihull under 50ft - TBCIRC Overall – Norman BarryTrophy / Irish TV Rentals Cup

Awards for other positions will be presented based on

Number of Starters

4 – 6

7 +



2nd &  3rd


    • a) When a yacht uses its engine for propulsion, e.g. to avoid collision or in a grave emergency, the facts shall be reported on her Declaration Form.
    • b) Temporary discontinuance of racing: No penalty will be imposed for an infringement of RRS 42 and RRS 45 if a yacht makes fast in order to take shelter or in an emergency. The crew may temporarily leave the yacht to handle her moorings. If she uses her engine for propulsion she shall, on re-joining the race, return to the spot where she began to use her engine, turn off her engine and continue to race from that spot. She shall report the circumstances on her Declaration Form
    • c) Please note that RRS 41, Outside Help, still applies, including, but not limited to, provisioning, repairs and accommodation.


    • a) Apart from emergency calls to the Coastguard Service, all communications of a sensitive nature, e.g. involving emergency situations, rescue services, medical attention, boat retirement etc. MUST be made to the RO in the first instance before communicating with any outside party.
    • b) In the case of any particularly sensitive situation, as soon as the appropriate people have been properly informed, the Race Organisers may issue a press release.


    • a) Rule 4 of the Racing Rules of Sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”
    • b) Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk.
    • c) By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:
      • I. they are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;
      • II. they are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;
      • III. they accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omission;
      • IV. their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;
      • V. the provision of a race management team and other officials and volunteers by the event organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;
      • VI. they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to face extremes of weather; that there is a crew sufficient in number, experience and fitness to withstand such weather; and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed, in date and familiar to the crew.


    • a) Amendments to the Sailing Instructions may be made by the Race Committee and will be posted on the Website and official notice board no later than 5 hours before the start of the race. Copies will be available from the race organiser’s office. Skippers are responsible for acquainting themselves with any amendments. Failure to receive a copy shall not invalidate the amendment or sustain a protest.


Amendment No.1 to the Sailing Instructions 16 June 2016.
b) Areas that are Obstructions
i) A boat shall not enter an area designated as an Obstruction when racing.
ii) For each Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) encountered around the course; the traffic lane running in the opposite direction to the course and the separation zone are designated as Obstructions.
Coordinates for the Obstructions The boundaries are the rhumb lines between the corners, the coordinates of the corners are given.


Position: Latitude(N) Longitude(W) – WGS84

TSS – Fastnet Rock

A – 51o 21’.00N  009o 26’.40W

B – 51o 17’.20N  009o 24’.60W

C – 51o 15’.45N  009o 33’.90W

D – 51o 19’.25N  009o 35’.75W

TSS – North Channel

A – 55o 26’.91N  006o 14’.00W

B – 55 o 25’.50N  006o 01’.55W

C – 55o 17’.05N  005o 51’.20W

D – 55o 14’.70N  005o 56’.85W

E – 55o 21’.85N  006o 05’.70W

F – 55o 23’00N   006o 15’.40W

TSS – Tuskar Rock

A – 52o 14’.30N  006o 02’.40W

B – 52o 12’.70N  005o 54’.70W

C – 52o 06’.00N  005o 58’.35W

D – 52o 01’.50N  006o 07’.50W

E – 52o 05’.50N  006o 12’.55W

F – 52o 09’.10N  006o 05’.30W

NOTE: The areas designated as obstructions do not exonerate a boat from the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) when within the area of a TSS. See IRPCAS Rule 10. Boats that impede shipping using the TSS may be subject to protest by the Race Committee and/or prosecution by the Coastguard.
b) Standard Penalties Delete IV and replace with:
IV. For a breach of any area designated an Obstruction the Race Committee shall, without a hearing, apply a standard time penalty of 20%, unless the breach was unavoidable and unintentional and no advantage was gained. This changes RRS 63.1 and A5.
14 Course – Position Clarification (a)

Highlandman (Highland Rock)

54°57.286’N 005°43.935’W


Black Rock (Mayo)

54°04.055’N 010°19.230’W

Amendment No 2 of 17-06-2017
The following rocks are marks of the course
14 (b)
Carrickabrown Fish Rock
14 (c)