Previous Winners

2008 was the year that set the current record  with   Mike Slade in ICAP Leopard 3 in a time of 2:17:48:47  also taking line honours while Ireland West was overall winner. The following year 2010, Dutch entrant Tonnerre de Breskins 3 (Piet Vroon) took line honours and also was overall winner. Green Dragon raced in 2012, and was first home, but the overall winner was Inis Mór, Ker 39 Bernard and Laurent Gouy. In the most recent race, 2014, local WSC member David Ryan chartered Andy Budgen’s Volvo 70 Monster Project and came home first across the line. However, Tanit (Richard Harris Sydney 36) was overall winner.

YearStartedFinishedLine HonoursElapsed TimeWinnerElapsed Time
20143633Monster Project4:04:25:25Tanit4:19:54:03
20123737Green Dragon3:17:01:16Inis Mor4:08:16:07
20103736Tonnerre de Breskens 33:16:03:50Tonnerre de Breskens 33:16:03:50
20084130ICAP Leopard 32:17:48:47Ireland West4:00:01:57
20063936Konica Minolta Zara4:04:57:30Cavatina6:09:20:20
 20044737Team Spirit3:04:48:39Calyx Voice & Data4:05:38:33