One thought on “Xanadu

  • May 27, 2016 at 3:53 pm


    I would like to do the Round Ireland on a large boat. It looks like Derek on Windward is not competing. I am Joe Sutton living in London for 29 yrs – have done numerous Fastnets etc. I am Irish – 55 – working for GM Ronson – can do attitude – never complains – have done 2015 two handed Fastnet campaign – GSOH – ten fingers – no inbreeding – will turn up in Wicklow – wash frequently – will do any task – expert on Code Zero etc – will eat fire and cr*p tunder – I need to get back to London for the Thursday . If you want an extra crew then text me on 07773 808156.
    Of course I will contribute to costs. I can cook in any conditions. My glass is always more than half full.

    Thank you.


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